Universal Motorcycle LCD Tachometer Speedometer Odometer Gauge 15000RPM


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Motorcycle Digital Tachometer Hour Speedometer Gear Indicator for Kawasaki Z1000
Universal fit for all motorcycles with DC 12V, adjustable for 8-22 inch wheel
ALL-IN-ONE Function: Speedometer, Odometer, Tachometer, Fuel Level Display, Left and Right Indicator, N Gear,  Water Temperature Indicator…
Fits for all style motorcycle ,1 cylinder,2 cylinder and 4 cylinder( 4 stroke motorcycle disc-brake front tire )
Special Features: speed, odo, trip, gear position, rpm, icons, fuel, clock etc



Speed: maximum 199, optional metric
Total mileage: maximum display value 999999
Small range: maximum display value 999.9, value can be cleared
Maximum engine speed display 15000r/min
Oil level: five-cell LCD indication, low oil level indicator flashing alarm
Left and right turn signals: green
Neutral: Green
LCD display 1-5 files
High beam: blue
Backlit white, steady light

The first interface, C1850, corresponds to the 17 inch tire circumference.
Because the speed is calculated according to the tire circumference, the modification of circumference is to modify speed.
The first button adjusts the number, does not press the button for about 5 seconds to automatically enter the next number, and then adjusts the next number until the whole adjustment is finished. Press the first button for a long time to enter the second interface.
The second interface is to modify the number of magnets installed, 1-12 can be modified, 2 magnets are installed by default 2, and long Press First button to enters next interface.
The third interface cylinder number, 2-4 changes, 2 is single cylinder 4 is double cylinder, default 2 Long press The First button to enter next interface
The fourth interface is oil floatation adjustment, 2 and 3 changes. 2 indicates 2 lines of oil floating 100 ohms, 3 is 3 lines of oil floating 500 ohms.


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